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This guy made a working synthesizer in Dreams




A particularly cunning player has successfully created a working synthesizer in Dreams. This synthesizer is now available for download.

YouTuber Levi Niha recently shared a video he created on his own channel, which recently surfaced on the Internet. You can check out Niha ’s full-featured synthesizer below, which can be downloaded and used to make music at any time. It looks like an old-fashioned modular synthesizer, which means that in terms of sound potential, the world is your oyster.

Niha also provides the viewer with a link that allows them to access his synthesizer, so you can also play synthesizers in Dreams. You can also find Niha's synthesizer by searching for "Pretty Good Synth" in Dreams itself.

One commenter wrote: "For people who have no experience of creating in Dreams, it takes a lot of time, energy and wisdom." At the same time, another audience thought about the possible use of MIDI keyboard in the near future The possibility of compatibility with Dreams, which will allow players to use actual hardware with the Dreams synthesizer in the game.

The others in the comments even helped to optimize. Overall, players seem to be passionate about Niha's creation, which again shows that Dreams has reached its creative potential.

Dream Synthesizer

Niha said at the end of the video: "Even if I made this synthesizer myself, I must admit that it is actually very interesting."

Dreams has recently started selling, and PS4 demos are available beginning in May, so if you have n’t started trying, you may have a chance soon. At the same time, the Dreams developers seem happy that you have re-made your favorite games-but you should expect them to be eliminated.

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