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This is Small World of Warcraft, a new board game set in the world of Azeroth




Blizzcon last year brought us big announcements like Overwatch 2

or Devil IV, so it is normal that between so much heavy weight there was certain things that will go unnoticed. As for example, the new board game of World of warcraft.

Now we know it in much more detail. This is a collaboration between Blizzard and Days of Wonder, the company behind the Small World board game, created by Phillippe Keyaerts. Thus the appropriately named Small World of Warcraft, which will adapt the mechanics of the previous one to the Azeroth universe.


You plan to arrive in Europe this summer (a little later than planned, since Blizzcon said it would come out in the spring) at a price of 59.99 euros. Of course, it will come in full Span ish.

And what is this Small World of Warcraft? Well, as expected, it is a mix between the mechanics and the spirit of both games. They can play between two and five people, and games tend to last between 40 and 80 minutes. As in Small World, the main objective is to conquer territories, in this case Azeroth.


We will manage different troops that will take the form of the classic WoW breeds, like humans, orcs, night elves, undead, worgen or goblins. With them we will have to be occupying territories and defending them from our rivals.

A game with enough complexity and competitiveness to ensure good spikes among friends, as usual with the Small World classic. This time, aimed at the most staunch fans of the Blizzard franchise. What we have said, in summer we will have it here.


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