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This is the evolution of evil Kirby in his 40 years on Nintendo




Kirby in Link's Awakening Zelda

Kirby is one of those Nintendo pets that everyone loves and wants, either because it is a pink ball with movement and magic that we love, or because of the cute and cute stuffed animals that it has to its credit. But, as you already know, this endearing elastic entity and gluttonous it also has its dark and evil side It has been evolving over almost 40 years that it has been in the Nintendo franchises.

Below you can see a video of YouTube channel Nintendo Unity

that lets us see the evil versions of the pink character over the years, some are the result of "stealing" the powers from other characters considered evil, as in the case of Ganondorf. And it is that, as the Kingdom Hearts saga reminds us, there are no lights without shadows
and even the kindest character has a dark side that appears from time to time.

What did you think of the evil versions of Kirby, is there one that you especially like?


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