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This is the PlayStation Studios startup animation you will see on PS5 exclusive merchandise




The opening animation of the new PlayStation Studios brand has recently been unveiled and will be played at the beginning of all upcoming first-party PlayStation games.

PlayStation released the official PlayStation Studios animation on its official YouTube channel. You can view the clip below.

As you can see, the animation includes some instantly recognizable faces in the first-party PlayStation titles (including Aloy, Joel, Ellie, and Kratos).

The video description "Introduction to PlayStation Studios" appears as "All new brand names of exclusive PlayStation games you like."

There are some other contexts shared on Twitter:

The tweet quoted information from a previous article in saying: "PlayStation Studios unifies all first-party games under one brand." "When you launch the upcoming Sony first-party games, you will Opening animation is shown (TLOU2 and Tsushima will not have it). "Obviously, it is also not ready for the PC port of" Horizon: Zero Dawn "in time.

The GamesIndustry article also confirmed that the PlayStation Studios brand will be launched with PS5 later this year. The animation embedded above will only appear at the beginning of Sony's first-party games.

Game Studio

Eric Lempel, senior vice president and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, told GamesIndustry: “ It's never a problem for people to play these games. & # 39; & # 39; "They are usually well-received and award-winning franchise games of the year, but for the average consumer, it is not always clear which games come directly from our Universal Studios. "

"In many cases, they have learned that these are truly powerful and innovative single player games. Of course, there are many other games that are not suitable for this situation, but we still have to make sure that people know that these games are our Universal Studios. game."

Watch on YouTube

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