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this is Trunks of the Future with a more Marvel or DC design




It is very likely that you do not know everything about Trunks of the Future, or that you have not yet seen one of their most empowered designs, but today they do you will keep your mouth wide open Seeing this Trunks of the Future so amazing and with a design that is more typical of a hero from Marvel or DC Comics.

The design that you are going to see under these lines is InHyuk Lee at ArtStation, one of the illustrators from Marvel and DC globally and who shares Mrbarajas1995 on Reddit

. Look at the pose, the clothes, the face … Everything it's the same as always, but also different, because although the essence of the young Dragon Ball character is maintained, it is evident that their appearance is very different from the usual.

Marvel / DC Artist, InHyuk Lee recreates Trunks. desde dbz

It seems to us that this new design of Trunks is amazing

and we know that it could be, perfectly, the new summer crush from many of his admirers. Without a doubt, this is an illustration of those that mark for life and we are impressed that Trunks look so cool and achieved in this new design to the Marvel / DC.

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