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This is what Naruto and Goku from Dragon Ball have in common




Dragon Ball and Naruto are two of the animas most followed in the world, so it is not uncommon for their fans to decide to put them together from time to time to create fusions like Kageta or until Dragon Ball Super has Naruto-style techniques. It does not surprise us either that Goku and Naruto himself have many things in commonafter all, it becomes almost impossible that after so many years there things that bring personalities closer from both.

Today we will know those things Goku and Naruto have in common and that makes them a little more similar than you might expect, yes, there is nothing that makes them seem exactly the same, and we know that each of them has a unique personality and quite differentiated, although they may have similarities.

So let's discover what Naruto and Goku have in common and do not hesitate to add any personal idea that you can think of, it is completely welcome in the comments section or in our networks. Go ahead!

They were born from animal inspiration

Goku Ozaru

While Goku was inspired by a monkey, following the story of Journey to the West, one of the most important literary works in Chinese culture, Naruto does it in a Fox Demon that would take the form of a young man. Ultimately, these concepts did not become that way at all and, while Naruto looks like a fox

and can transform into one, Goku enjoys a giant and simian alternative form of great power called Ozaru.

His designs suffered “simplifications”

Naruto with his glasses

This is not something that is really unknown, because it is known that Akira Toriyama ended up getting tired of drawing Goku's tail, cutting it so you don't have to keep drawing it constantly. The same happened with the glasses that Naruto was wearing in their heads, as they needed too much time to be drawn, which led Masashi Kishimoto to change them for his iconic ninja headband. The same would happen with the boots that Naruto was going to wear, which they ended up being sandals because their creator liked to design them.

Their worlds drink from film sagas

Characters from the Dragon Ball Z manga

Like many of us, Akira Toriyama is a huge Disney fan, which led him to win a contest illustrating a scene from the 101 Dalmatians. Impressed with the high quality animation of the American genius movies, tried to bring that same philosophy to Dragon Ball as far as possible. Meanwhile, Naruto would benefit from Kishimoto's love for action movies and from the direction of Quentin Tarantino, which would lead him to create an anime full of battles and sequential shots that they resembled the films of the acclaimed filmmaker, saving the distances, of course.

Complicated loves

Naruto and Sakura

It seems that Goku and Chi-Chi were not going to be the couple which ended up being, well Kazuhiko Torishima, the editor of Toriyama, never saw favorably the union of the two and would have preferred that the Saiyan had ended up paired with Bulma. While, Naruto drank the winds for Sakura, an unrequited love because she was in love with Sasuke and never ended up being a partner with Naruto. Something that ended up angering Kishimoto's wife, because she had always thought that Naruto and Sakura would end up together, despite the complicated nature of their relationship.

Very similar teachers

Muten Roshi's nose bleeds from seeing Bulma in Dragon Ball

So much Muten Roshi as Jiraiya get turned on by womenBesides being excellent fighters, of course. In addition, the two enjoy the company of amphibians (toads and turtles) and both grew up close to its rivals, Orochimaru and Master Tsuru. No wonder they have given so many fun moments and even out of placeThey are two high-voltage personalities. Imagine what would happen if decided to open a school together!

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