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This is what the first PS5 games will occupy on the SSD



This is what the first PS5 games will occupy on the SSD

The official page of PlayStation has shed some light on one of the details that could make us change our minds between the digital version of PS5 or the disk: the games size with respect to the one offered by the SSD.

From the outset we know that the two versions of PS5 will have the same storage disk, a SSD de 825 GB

which, presumably, will have to subtract the operating system and the game Astro’s Playroom that comes pre-installed.

The size of PS5 games

Now, although not all games have wanted to be equally generous with information, we know what the two editions of Marvel’s Spiders-Man: Miles Morales and of Demon’s Souls. More than enough to get an idea

of where the shots will go in these first bars of the generation.

  • Demon's Souls: 66GB
  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: 50 GB
  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition: 105 GB

It is especially surprising that remasterización Of the first Marvel's Spider-Man double the size of the special edition of the new installment. It seems that the change will be big enough to not be able to reuse things.

In any case it seems that we will be able to maintain about 10 games installed without too much trouble. Now it remains to be seen if the sizes hold for future releases and what happens to third party games that will not have been as accurate as internal studies when taking advantage of the SSD of PS5.

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