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This is your first battle in the ghost of the horse




By Cian Maher
Thursday, May 14, 2020, GMT

Today ’s PlayStation State of Play ’s new “Guimashima Ghost” game trailer gives us a first glimpse of the battle of “Ghost Mashima”-this is what we know so far all.

First of all, the trailer for the ghost game of Ma has about 18 minutes of new content. You can watch the full trailer below, or you can do something really important, and read about fighting ghosts with horses.

There are two types of battles against the ghosts of horses. You can choose to fight as a warrior in honor, or you can sacrifice the honor to become a ghost of the same name.

Samurai style is the first thing you see. The trailer describes this way of fighting: "Two fighters, determine the size of each other and wait for the other to take action." In this style, "tapping each hit must be counted", and you nudge Dodge , Parry and slash, you can defeat the enemy with a single blow of the sword. You can also perform multiple poses, each of which is particularly effective against certain types of enemies.

Ghosts fighting against horses

The ghost style is far less glorious. Here, you can "use fear as a weapon", disperse the enemy's attention in the form of firecrackers and noise manipulation, and then use "dirty tricks" as a means to improve them. The ghost is focused on assassination, and the Mongols will learn to fear him after he begins to destroy the camp.

Today's game status also includes a series of other detailed information. I think the most important thing is that the official has confirmed that the fox will be the best companion in Ghost of Tsushima. honest.

Most importantly, the expedition to Ghost of Tsushima is clearly to "let the island guide you".

The ghost horse was originally scheduled to launch on June 26, but unfortunately was delayed due to COVID-19. Instead, it will land on PS4 on July 17.

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