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This marble carving is a love letter to the Dialga Pokémon statue




Fans are very clear that Pokémon sculptures and carvings they are a very important thing and that must be taken into account. So, you can see some beautiful wood carvings made by a fan that obviously contrast with an official product like this Gundam-style figure of Gengar. And it is that, although it does not seem so, the homemade figures, sometimes, they can overcome the official And if you do not believe it, look at this marble carving that has a main character Dialga


Under these lines you can see the work of Melkerio on Reddit what's wrong with it a great difficulty, because doing something with marble is quite complicated and complex, especially if you want have a satisfactory result.

I spent the last week sculpting a 3D marble statue of Dialga desde Pokemon

We assume that this statue of Dialga, still not quite polished

, but we love to see how fans are able to give themselves body and soul and make really complex things to pay tribute to his Favorite pokemon.

Cover image I Masae at DeviantArt

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