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This mind-blowing One Piece group cosplay is inspired by the Wano arc



One Piece fans may have some discrepancies, but everyone agrees that Wano's bow is the deepest from the series that connects directly to the end. Thanks to these chapters, many details of Gol D. Roger's personal history and his relationship with Kozuki Oden have been discovered. Also the heartbreaking story that brought Orochi to power and that will end with a great battle at Onigashima with the Red Pods and the Straw Hats fighting together. An unforgettable bow that now has the best group cosplay you'll see Never.

We have already seen Luffy and the other pirates as if they were Kaido's men, but their usual clothing in this bow had an exquisite taste for tradition in a region that seems anchored in feudal times. All wear a traditional costume and it has been recreated by a group of cosplayers in great detail. As you can see in the following images, only Chopper and the new member of Luffy's crew are missing. Others characters are perfectly recreated

looking the way they look at Wano, including Franky with his huge robotic arms and fun toupee.

【ONE PIECE / Strawhat Crew】 Wano Cosplay. desde OnePiece

What is your favorite? One Piece promises the most intense chapters for the next few weeks. Although Luffy has already reached the vicinity of Kaido Castle, the allies are plotting a plan to catch the villain by surprise. It is still a long time before the outcome of this arc, which will have further delays due to the coronavirus crisis.

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