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This new figure of Goku is from the best of the Drabon Ball catalog




We all know that dragon ball collectible figures They are amazing and we love them for their quality, like this exclusive metallic Shenron from Funko or this imposing half-meter-tall figure of Vegeta, really impressive. But there are also creations for collectors with a extra touch of originalitylike this awesome figure from Goku flying in a manga.

This creation, which we have seen in @ Naka076's Twitter we are fascinated because invites us to solar with the worlds that Goku visits and it's almost pure imagination, like Goku left the manga page

and it became a reality. Without a doubt, this is a tremendously original concept and unique that gives for a masterful figure that draws the attention of anyone.

If you like what you have seen, you can book it here from the Anime Collect store and it will cost you a few 227 euros in total, with measurements of 26 cm high, 32 cm long and 23 cm wide. The truth is that it is not bad for a truly unique Goku figure and that will leave everyone who sees it speechless.

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