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This One Piece fan art draws Rumi and Carrot as superheroines




In no time, Carrot has become another beloved member of Luffy's crew and already has very interesting cosplays of their own or tributes in the form of fan art that resemble the characters of the RPGs of yesteryear. Today, many fans will be happy about this fan art that reunites Carrot with Rumi and puts them as true superheroines.

Below these lines you can see the design it shares ProfessorGemini on Reddit with both with their legs prepared to throw powerful kicks

. We like the casual tone of this meeting, as well as the outline and drawing of each girl, the truth is that they are really achieved, giving rise to a pretty funny picture.

Rumi and Carrot desde OnePiece

What do you think of this fan art with Carrot and Rumi, you like how they both appear

? Wouldn't it be ideal for a new One Piece chapter?

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