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This One Piece-inspired hockey jersey would be great in the NHL




If you love One Piece and you are one of those wear a sportier lookIt is highly recommended that you see these custom manga style sneakers or these others that are inspired by the Ace design to create something brutal and that you would love to have. And in this line, but speaking of quality sports shirtsWe have stumbled upon a One Piece inspired that would be ideal for the NHL.

We are sure that any hockey player who is a fan of the Eiichiro Oda saga, will agree that this is the t-shirt you would like to wear to play

, a great design that you can see below and that has shared jtg825 on Reddit. That tone anthracite gray mixed with red and yellow we find it really shocking, not to mention the Straw Hats Skull, an incredible detail that looks really good.

Was bored so I threw together a Straw Hat Pirates hockey jersey desde OnePiece

Anyone who has practiced sports in a more or less regulated way knows that, with some exceptions, sports kits are not too prettyThey try to be more functional and not as aesthetic. But details like those on this hockey jersey combine that "wow factor" with a clear sports component, making it not a valid garment to perform the task, but also really pretty.

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