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This One Punch Man Fubuki tattoo is the best of this week




That Fubuki is one of the One Punch Man girls who have more fans is undeniable and, in part, it is due to her physique and her intense gaze that, together with her powers, lead many to want to be like her or to feel in love with her magic, (as also happens sometimes with her sister Tatsumaki). These Fubuki arts have been seen represented in a superb way

in a tattoo of the face of the Esper that not any tattoo artist is able to do.

Below you can see the awesome work from @jennytranart on Instagram that has left us with our mouths open for their quality and for what well topped off that is in full

. The expressiveness of the tattoo is undeniable and we love that the tattoo artist has captured that Fubuki's unique essence that we wouldn't know how to define, but that is super present.

What do you think of this so good Fubuki face tattoo, would you make a similar one?

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