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This Pokémon diorama recreates in 3D the most crucial moment of each game




Pokemon gameboy
What would you say it is the most important moment of any Pokémon game? The fans of the franchise have it clear. The first step in the video game is to choose the initial Pokémon that will accompany you throughout the adventure. There is debate about which is the best creature for these cases, but in the end all the players are guided by their intuition. If there is something they do not forgive, it is the abandonment of Pokémon and for this reason they have on their blacklist the worst Pokémon trainers. So this crucial moment has been recreated in a beautiful 3D diorama.

User Mister Gum has done something as simple as it is nostalgic. He has turned the first scene of the GameBoy video game in 2D into a 3D diorama that captures the precise moment in which Professor Oak gives the player to choose your first Pokémon

: Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander. To do this, he printed the screenshot and assembled the scene on a new plane with recycled cardboard. Once the structure is finished, you have entered it in a transparent methacrylate cube
9 centimeters each side with an incredible result. After recording the entire process, it is worth watching every minute spent on this diorama.

Despite this unconditional love that you have for the initials of each game, it is rare to find any of the 10 Pokémon of the year 2020. Even the anime series that premiered in November had a nod to the original series, where Ash Ketchum got Pikachu as a partner.

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