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This realistic Angemon fan art brings us back to Digimon nostalgia




Angemon is a Digimon

If you are a Digimon fan, you may be interested to know that there is a new Digivice for sale or you may want to be surprised with the new designs of Agumon and Gabumon, so different from those of long ago. But you can also hallucinate with angemon realistic design that a fan of the saga has been marked, the result is really great.

Under these lines you will see the design that it shares shimhaq98 on Reddit and that introduces us to an Angemon ready for battle

and with an attitude that would intimidate the most evil in the Digital World. We don't know if this realistic Angemon would have a place in the anime of the sagaAlthough it would not be painted on one of the walls of our room, that's for sure.

Tried to recreate one of my favorite scenes from the original series with Angemon here! desde Digimon

What do you think of this more realistic and battle-ready AngemonDo you like its design to the fullest of power?

Cover image I Wallpaper Cave


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Jakob Axelsen

I made this like 4 years ago Geralt. Also you forgot to credit me…



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