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This realistic Applin Pokémon fan art is pure art and perfection




To us the fan art that Pokémon gives of itself we find them fascinating, because they both imagine Lady Gaga as a Pokémon Trainer, as they draw an impressive Lucario only with colored pencils. But there are also fan art that try to give us a more detailed view of a PokémonAs with this cool digital illustration of Applin.

It may be that Applin has a really simple design in Pokémonbut the fan art he shares ouma765 on Reddit

you can see a More realistic and complex applin, more alive than the original design, thanks in part to those huge eyes that we can appreciate. It seems to us that this design upgrade to the original Applin and it makes it look more interesting and dangerous.

Applin fanart I drew desde Pokemon

There is no doubt that this version of Plant / Dragon Pokémon It is one of the best we have seen in a long time and has conquered us for knowing how to get the most out of the simplicity of Applin and make it an even more interesting creature.

Cover image I ZeroChan

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