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This website compares the size and heights of One Piece characters




Throughout the more than 900 One Piece chapters, Eiichiro Oda has demonstrated his great talent for character design. We have seen them in all colors and sizes, although in most cases the latter is invaluable on screen. Viewers were able to see these differences between characters only in some scenes like the first meeting between Whitebeard and Shanks, for example. Until then, One Piece fans didn't realize the pirate's incredible size, while the redhead has a more common height. There is a website that collects all the heights of the characters and can be compared with each other.

Is named and as its name indicates, it is exclusively dedicated to showing the height of the One Piece characters They can be displayed in alphabetical order or by height. But it's even more interesting when you select multiple characters to compare them to each other. From the search engine you can find any character in the series by name or by category

, classified by their pirate affiliation. If you surf the web a bit you will also notice that there are pirates before and after the time jump, and who is up to date with Luffy's newest crew member. It is a very complete tool to see several characters together in a single image.

Comparative size Pirates of the Straw Hat
Comparison of sizes of the Straw Hat Pirates

Thanks to this, the differences in height are seen more clearly. The tallest of the Mugiwara is Jinbe (3.01 cm), followed by Brook (2.77 cm) and Franky (2.40 cm). But you have to move a little further to find Nico Robin (1.88 cm) with a height that is closer to reality up to Nami with 1.70 cm. The last of the nakamas is obviously Chopper with 90 centimeters in its normal form. Now you can discover who is the tallest character in all One Piece.

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