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This will be the skills of Captain America in Marvel’s Avengers




Since it was announced Marvel’s Avengers There have been many doubts about the title that will allow us to control several of Marvel Comics' most popular heroes. Today, Vince Napoili, one of the highest managers of the title developed by Crystal Dynamics has talked about the skills that Captain America will have In the Avengers game and we send you his words so that you can get a closer idea of ​​what it will be like to control the heroes of the stars and stripes.

Captain America You will be able to run certain distances along the wall and will be able to chain these races by jumping forward and backward. It will have double jump, swing, etc. The coordinated double jump after running on the wall will also serve to keep running on another wall. Your control will be really flexible and active. Basically you will have many small maneuvers that will allow you to move around the environment and manipulate the space better than other characters. “

Heeding the words written by the combat designer of Marvel’s Avengers in a thread on the forums Reddit

, Captain America will be the most agile character of all that we can control in the title. So, when we are exploring the scenarios, it seems that Captain America It will be the only one that can reach certain areas and, in addition, it will be able to move faster than others between the different obstacles that we encounter. But the thing does not end here since Vince Napoli also spoke about Capi's way of fighting.

“The combat style will be very acrobatic. When he's dodging punches, he'll make concise, quick, and inexpensive moves, but when he punches his abilities will be very different. We wanted to make it look like he is getting a lot of strength and combat power from his acrobatic skills. For example, being able to do a spin jump and launch the shield while running is what helps make that launch so powerful. I honestly think it's a combination of agility and strength in equal measure that gives Captain America

a unique fighting style and feel. “

In this way, Vince Napoli showed that the Captain America that we will see in Marvel’s Avengers will be very similar to the one we have enjoyed in the different films of The Avengers. The Cap will move fast and will perform all kinds of acrobatic movements to get his punches and shield throws get enough strength to damage his enemies.

Captain America in Marvel's Avengers
El Capi will be an acrobat in the title of Crystal Dynamics.

There is still not much to discover about this title that seems to raise many questions for Marvel fans but that little by little seems to be taking shape. Recall that Marvel’s Avengers will go on sale on September 4 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One and that it will be just the first in a series of titles focused on The Avengers and other Marvel Comics heroes that Square Enix has long been working on.


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