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This would be Pokémon as a cartoon series from the 50s



This would be Pokémon as a cartoon series from the 50s

Animations in the Pokémon world are dropped between professionals and fans, to create a 3D environment in the factory of Pokéballs, or an adorable animation celebrating Pokémon Day from which not many were aware. Today we have seen a back to the past of Pokémon having an animation in the form of a short film in the style of the 50s.

The precious short film that you can see below is the work of producer Yoshiyuki Koie, also in charge of the great Pokémon: Wings of Sunset that are so popular among the community. In this case, the situation is much more comical

and presents a fun gag with Scraggy and Mimikyu as protagonists. As we want you to enjoy it, we let you see it, and discover it for yourself.

Tell us what you think about this Pokemon Looney Tunes so funny and if you wish there was more episodes of this type in the saga.

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