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thousands of launch games with the console




The price of Xbox Series X is very happy for people at Microsoft, according to Phil Spencer

Xbox Series X It will have a wide catalog of games available after launch. We recently discovered that one of the first titles will be Chorus, a space-based combat shooter. Also, the game console next-gen Microsoft will support Elden Ring, the new RPG from FromSoftware.

And now, from the official Xbox blog, have released a new statement – written by Jason Ronald, director of Program Management – in which they offer very juicy details about the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will be backward compatible with thousands of games

At the end of 2019, the news that the Xbox Series X would have backward compatibility with Xbox One and Xbox 360 was spreading. This feature will allow players to continue enjoying their favorite games on the new console.

In addition, as we were able to know a few weeks ago, said backward compatibility will greatly increase resolution of video games and will double your frame rate per second.

And now, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X catalog will have backward compatibility with thousands of games.

Xbox Series X will preserve your video game legacy

Since Microsoft they have always bet very strongly on the backward compatibility. They know how important it is for players to preserve their legacy gaming. Thanks to this system, gamers can follow their progression, maintain their achievements and the communities they create, and of course continue playing their favorite video games through the different generations of Xbox consoles. And not only that, but they strived to offer a technology capable of providing players with the best versions of their games in each generation.

Xbox backwards compatibility began at E3 2015, with the announcement of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One.

“I clearly remember that first magical experience of jumping into one of my favorite Xbox 360 games, Final Fantasy XIII, and instantly following where I left off years ago.”

The Xbox Series X engineering team has spent more than 100,000 hours testing past generation video games and can now take great pride in announcing that today thousands of games are compatible with Xbox Series X. According to them, when the game console is launched this summer, it will already take 200,000 hours of tests.

The console will provide the best version of each video game

Gears 5

Maintaining compatibility across thousands of games on the Xbox Series X is already quite a challenge, but it's an even bigger challenge when you consider that the graphic performance of each of them also improves. Developers optimize their games to match console performance so that they can run natively on console hardware.

Backward compatible games use all the power of the Xbox Series X CPU, GPU and SSD without suffering boost mode neither downclocking.

This means that all titles run at the maximum performance they were originally designed for, in most cases with much higher performance than the performance the games had at launch. Thus, games backward compatible with Xbox Series X will have great stability, better resolution and a higher frame rate per second.

On the other hand, as Jason Ronald points out in the Xbox statement, backward compatibility also offers a significant reduction in loading times, which never hurts.

New video game console, new technologies …

Xbox Series X will give more details of its architecture at the Hot Chips 2020 that takes place in August

Not content with enhancing the technical hardware capabilities of backwards compatibility with Xbox Series X games, Microsoft's team of engineers developed new technologies for the platform to ensure that all games continue to improve.

In partnership with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, the Xbox Series X offers an innovative technique for HDR reconstruction to add HDR support to games automatically. As this technique is managed from the platform itself, it allows HDR to be enabled without impacting the performance of each game. Even in video games released 20 years ago, when HDR mode didn't even exist.

Also, developers can take advantage of the feature Quick Resume in video games. And is that this feature was designed to work with both new titles and games with backward compatibility. For anyone unfamiliar with the subject, Quick Resume is a feature that allows players to continue playing right where they left off.

The Xbox Backward Compatibility Team developed new technologies that could be applied to a list of titles to improve them even more than was possible when they were created. Techniques like method Heutchy, which allows games to reach a resolution of up to 4K or use anisotropic filters to improve the quality of their final images, thus turning a classic game into a modern one with more current standards.

Finally, as we anticipated, they are also working on innovations that provide the ability to double the frame rate per second for a specific selection of titles from 30fps to 60fps or from 60fps to 120fps.

What do you think about the backward compatibility news and the other features of the Xbox Series X?


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