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Tomorrow at Amazon Prime: Watch an action movie with Mark Wahlberg



"Mile 22" coming soon

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Amazon Prime Video provides you with some highlights this week. One of them is called "Mile 22", which allows Mark Wahlberg to travel around the world in shootouts and patriotic missions. We have summarized all the information about the beginning here.

Mark Wahlberg marches into

Mark Wahlberg performed best in "22 Miles". (Source:

In this week ’s new version, Amazon Prime Video has heard the wishes of people who want to take more action. When looking for radioactive cesium, you can join elite agent James Silva in an unprecedented rescue operation that will start tomorrow.

  • Starting at May 12, 2020
  • Already planned to continue
  • Directors from "Lonely Survivor" and "Action: Kingdom"

22 miles

"Mile 22" was released in global cinemas in 2018. This action film is about an American secret organization called "Overwatch", which must rescue a spy from Asia. James Silva, played here by Mark Wahlberg, led the operation and must overcome the 22-mile distance between the airport and the location of the spy where some opponents are waiting he.

Mark Wahlberg did his best. He shoots, runs and growls. For example, director Peter Berg worked with Wahlberg to produce "Boston". He fully participated in and staged a film with little motion. You will see it on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.

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