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Trailer for the finale of the "Alone in the Dark" alternative




Song of Horror: German trailer for the "Alone in the Dark" alternative


Song of Horror: German trailer for the "Alone in the Dark" alternative

The story of Song of Horror receives on May 28, 2020 their fifth and last entry. The horror game is released in episode format and part number 5 completes the story.

At the same time as the last episode is released, the Song of Horror Complete Edition on Steam, which contains all five episodes of the survival horror game. The price for the entire package is around 30 euros.

What is Song of Horror?

In Song of Horror we follow a creepy story about a missing family and one paranormal »presence«. We uncover the secret of an evil threat as it responds dynamically to our actions in the form of an AI.

We don't go out alone to solve the riddle, but fall back on a whole group of different characters. What is special is that Permadeath: If a person dies due to the mysterious presence, they remain dead and we continue to play with a different character.

Since every character has their own motives to find the missing family again, Song of Horror wants it that way a new game experience with each pass create. You can listen to how difficult it is to have horror games these days in our fitting episode from the Plus podcast:

Old School Horror

Song of Horror is well received by Steam users with 86 percent positive reviews. Fans praise Song of Horror's "old school" approach. User Chris Darril, for example, writes:

"Song of Horror is the true – and only one today – heir to the series Alone in the Dark."

Others praised the horror atmosphere, shock moments and sound effects of Song of Horror. Players, on the other hand, criticize the controls, which should feel clumsy in places. Overall, however, the positive tenor predominates in the Steam reviews.

If you want to see how the survival horror games started in 1992, check out the GameStar Plus video on the very first Alone in the Dark:

Alone in the dark - video special: the history

PLUS archive


Alone in the dark – video special: the history


Song of Horror is published by Raiser Games in collaboration with Webedia, the parent company of GameStar and GamePro. We will report neutrally on the title, but will not test it.


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