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Trails of Cold Steel IV The End of Saga scrambles the tracks with a first localized trailer




"Better late than never": this is a saying that players in the sprawling series The Legend of Heroes know only too well: since its inception, they sometimes wait for years during the arrival of a new episode. And again, when the latter manages to leave his native archipelago. Fortunately, the fourth episode of Trails of Cold Steel will invite itself to the party.

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Announced with great f anfare by NIS America last month, Trails of Cold Steel IV -The End of Saga- offers itself a first trailer localized in the language of Boris Johnson, as if to remind us that we will have to work on our English once again to enjoy it

. And because it will still take a few months before they can get their hands on this title available since September 2018 in Japan, the editor Koch Media briefly reminds us of the issues of this conclusive episode which sets in scene … TWO Class VII:

The Empire of Erebonia is on the brink of war! The story of Trails of Cold Steel IV, takes place shortly after the end of the third installment. Our Class VII heroes find themselves alone facing the Empire, in an attempt to stop its ascent to total domination. Rean Schwarzer, hero of the Erebonia civil war and Class VII professor, suddenly disappeared. It is the duty of Class VII students, old and new, to meet with heroes from all over the continent. They represent the last hope of this world, to save it from total destruction.

So remember that Trails of Cold Steel IV will be released on PlayStation 4 in fall 2020 here, and in 2021 on PC and Switch around the world, and that all the details of the two Collector editions are still available here.


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