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Trevor actor talks about rumors & his possible return



Trevor actor talks about rumors & his possible return

Every GTA player knows Steven Ogg. In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), the actor from TV series such as The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul or Westworld lent the playable character Trevor Philips his looks and his voice.

Trevor actor Steven Ogg from GTA 5 spoke about GTA 6 in new interviews.

Now Ogg has been addressed by the two portals Inverse and Looper on Grand Theft Auto 6 as part of the new Netflix series Snowpiercer – in which he embodies a character named Pike. Specifically, it is about whether Trevor Philips could return in GTA 6 and what it is about the release rumor from the last year that the actor himself launched.

Steven Ogg denies own rumor about GTA 6

End of 2019 Trevor actor Steven Ogg caused excitement in the GTA community: At a panel of the Brazil Game Show, he claimed that Rockstar Games could release Grand Theft Auto 6 “soon”. According to fans already 2020 to 2021 count on the successor to GTA 5.

In conversation with Inverse Ogg is now rowing back and clearly denies the rumor, for which he was responsible: The Trevor actor now makes it clear that at that time he would have just been messing around and that he shouldn't be taken too seriously because he, as an actor, had no idea ab out such things:

“That's how I feel every day: things gush out of me. I like to open my mouth. What I mean by that: don't take everything too seriously. Back then we just had fun. I am an actor, I know about such things Things don't know.

I was just referring to the pattern that I knew: there has been a new game every seven years – [meine Prognose] is just based on it. And then of course I said that GTA 6 would come out in December – I was just an idiot. The next morning, of course, you could read about it everywhere. Don't believe what I'm saying. ”

When does GTA 6 appear?

To date, GTA 6 has not been officially announced, the release date of the game is still known. The most promising forecasts currently assume that Rockstar will release the title in a few years at the earliest – definitely not before April 2021.

The latter emerged from a financial report by the publisher Take-Two, according to which the coming financial year (i.e. April 2020 to March 2021) is not a big caliber for a new video game release. The following financial year 2021/2022 should be all the more exciting for that. It is not known whether this alludes to GTA 6.

GTA 6: According to Take-Two, probably not before April 2021

GTA 6: According to Take-Two, probably not before April 2021

Could Trevor Philips appear in GTA 6?

In conversation with Steven Ogg was asked again if fans with Trevor's return to GTA 6 could calculate. After all, Trevor almost became the figurehead of GTA 5. Since then, his actor has been recognized by fans worldwide – no matter where he looks.

However, Steven Ogg does not expect to play a role in the next Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto. He himself claims that he doesn't know anything about it at the moment, but neither does he assume that the developer will approach him:

“I know absolutely nothing about it – actors are the last to be informed about anything. […] I have the [GTA]-Play not personally followed, so I still haven't arrived in this world. I dont know. But I don't think that [Rockstar] that characters ever bring back. It always seemed to me like they would only appear once. “

In fact, the protagonists of the GTA series rarely, if ever, returned in newer games. Put it there Claude from GTA 3 in San Andreas as well Johnny Klebitz from The Lost and Damned in GTA 5 is an exception – otherwise the heroes of previous games were only mentioned indirectly or alluded to.

The main character of the GTA-4 DLC The Lost and Damned Johnny Klebitz expected an inglorious ending in Grand Theft Auto 5. The main character of the GTA-4 DLC The Lost and Damned Johnny Klebitz expected an inglorious ending in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Steven Ogg's return would not be off the table automatically

If the rumors about an 80s setting in Vice City come true, it should be difficult to accommodate Trevor Philips in GTA 6 anyway. However, at the moment we simply do not know what era Grand Theft Auto 6 will be in.

Incidentally, it could not be ruled out that Steven Ogg for a new role in an upcoming rock star game could return: For Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, the actors of the predecessor were again committed – although this was, of course, a direct prequel to the first Red Dead Redemption with the same characters.

GTA 5 meets Red Dead 2: what's behind Ned Luke's role in the Western game?

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