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Tropico 6: New DLC released



Friends of the anarchic dictator structure simulation Tropico 6 can be happy, because with Spitter a new DLC is now available, which brings some new content with it.

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The Spitter DLC appears on all platforms (Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) and continues the love of black humor in the Tropico series. El Prez ascends the throne of the social media world to successfully implement his propaganda online.

The Spitter DLC adds a new mission, sandbox card, and the Spitter social media feature to Tropico 6. With Spitter, the only approved social media applicati on on Tropico, superstars and faction leaders can be ensnared to increase their reputation and unlock special features of the celebrities. New buildings on Tropico attract prominent guests to the rehabilitation center or the beauty farm. The superstars find a luxurious and permanent residence in the supervilla.

At the same time, the ninth free update for Tropico 6 with the name "GuaGua" was released, which – not least thanks to the ongoing collaboration with the community – contains many useful improvements.

Features according to the manufacturer:

  • New "Spitter" social media feature: Embrace the superstars and faction leaders with the help of the Spitter app to increase your reputation and unlock special features of the celebrities that you can benefit from.
  • New independent mission "Spitter" and new sandbox card
  • 3 new buildings: attract prominent guests to the rehabilitation center and the beauty farm in Tropico and offer you an appropriate, permanent residence with the supervilla.
  • New trait: narcissist
  • 3 new songs: Comercio Feliz, La Celebridad, Fiesta en el Club
  • 5 new customization options for El Presidente and its palace

There is also a new trailer for the launch of the DLC:

Tropico 6 – Spitter DLC Trailer

There is a new DLC for the anarchic dictator build-up simulation Tropico 6, which deals among other things with the topic of social media. First impressions can be found in the accompanying trailer.

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