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Turn on PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro: this is how to clean the fan




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If the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro is too loud, you may need to clean the fan. We will tell you how to open and clean the PlayStation without losing warranty.

We will tell you how to clean the PS4 [Pro] fan.

We will tell you how to clean the PS4 [Pro] fan. [Source: YouTube TronicsFix screenshot]

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  1. PS4 slim

  2. PS4 Pro

  3. The first PS4 model [2013]

You play games on PS4 or PS4 Pro, and in quiet scenes, the console opens and becomes very loud. Of course, this is annoying and annoying. To “buck” the PlayStation 4 again, you should probably clean the fan.

However, if you open the console and damage the official seal, you will lose your warranty. However, if you open PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro as shown on the TronicsFix YouTube channel, you should continue to guarantee.

If your console has been in existence for more than twelve months, you will not have the right to obtain a guarantee, and you will need to use it at your own risk.

PS4 slim

First, let's see how to turn on PS4 Slim to get a fan. You don't need any tools, but you should prepare a compressed air cleaner for cleaning [for example, available from Amazon]. Now, just perform the following steps:

  • Disconnect PS4 Slim from all cables
  • Place the console on a flat surface [do not stand!]
  • The page with the link is facing you
  • Now lift the front cover
  • Remove the lid
  • The best way to clean the fan is to circulate compressed air into the opening
  • Close the console cover
  • Check if the cover is closed

tip: To open the cover, you can first lift one corner of the front cover, then lift the middle part, and then lift the other corner of the top cover. Therefore, it will be easier for you, and you don't have to apply too much force, so as to avoid damage to the parts.

PS4 Pro

You can also open the PS4 Pro without unscrewing the screws or damaging the seal. Prepare a compressed air container or cotton swab, and then perform the following steps:

  • Place the unconnected console on a flat surface
  • The front is the back of the connection
  • Remove the cover from the front
  • Clean the fan
  • Close the lid again

If you turn on the PS4 Pro, you can see that the fan stands out more clearly than the PS4 Slim fan. Here, you should also be able to use a cotton swab to remove dust more easily. Just make sure that no wooden sticks fall in or the fibers stick to the fan.

The first PS4 model [2013]

The hardest thing is to open the old PS4. Here, you will lose the warranty because you must remove the corresponding sticker to tighten the console. This is your next question. You need a special screwdriver. According to the game magazine Polygon, it is a T8 plum head.

The best way is to watch the video of Retro Gaming Arts, which gradually introduces the method of the first PS4 version. Basically, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the console cable
  • Remove the seal on the back and unscrew the cover
  • Remove the two covers
  • Keep the fan out of dust
  • Tighten the lid

The instructions above only show you how to clean the cooler. To completely clean the console, you must remove the PS4 almost completely. This topic is not covered here, because if you cleaned the radiator effortlessly, your console may be much quieter.

Elsewhere, we provide you with more tips about cleaning electronic products. This includes devices such as smartphones, laptops and cameras.

PS4 most popular free games

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In the dynamic Smite, you will play the role of a god.
[Source: Hi-Rez Studios]

If your game console is clean again and connected to the TV, you can download some free PS4 games. There may be more free titles than you think. You can see what highlights will appear in our game release list in the future.

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