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Turn the protagonists of One Piece into slime into fun pixel art animation




Luffy and the rest of his crew have had many adventures in over 900 One Piece chapters. The Eiichiro Oda series will end in 5 years, but then it will leave a gap that is difficult to fill. It will be then when we look back and review all the One Piece arcs. The protagonists have gone through a lot to reach the country of Wano, one of the most intense plots remembered, but we must not forget others such as the Fishman Island, Marineford or Thriller Bark, where the faces with the zombies were seen. Here we could see curious versions of Sanji or Zoro, among others, but what if they had become slime?

It will be necessary to transfer the proposal to Oda, since this idea has been carried out by Reddit user Biakuei and has shared its great result on the forum. It is a small animation with pixel art aesthetic

, where the pirates have a slime shape. A brief history that reveals again the rivalry between Sanji and Zoro, in addition to the love character of the cook. As you will see below, Nami and Nico Robin are walking past Sanji, who tries to get his attention as he always does. He follows them across the deck of the Thousand Sunny, but stumbles upon Zoro who is sleeping
with his three swords. Both engage in a fight that ends Nami hitting both.

I had small idea, what would One piece characters look like if they looked like a slime. So, I just finished this pixel animation desde OnePiece

This animation is so faithful to the characters that you will love it if you are a fan of One Piece. They are all well identified with the colors that most represent him, in addition to having his own characteristics such as Sanji's curled eyebrows, the swordsman's scar or the Nami tattoo, which starred in one of the most emotional scenes in One Piece.

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