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Two extracts from the symphonic concert soften manners




If a recent study by the FIFG taught us with sadness and astonishment that the confining situation from which we are emerging for the moment had not unleashed torrents of lubricity Among the French, poor Vincent Brooks' sexual adventures still s often our customs, in music.

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On November 24th, in fact, was held within the Sumida Triphony Hall in Tokyo prefecture a symphonic concert dedicated to some of Atlus' licenses. And between a musical tribute Persona or Shin Megami Tensei, the Japanese Game Music Orchestra (abbreviated to "JAGMO") has placed more than one for the very Sexy Catherine: Full Body.

The orchestra has just put two pieces of this concert online: "Opening" and "♂ と ♀ の ラ ム ゲ ー ム"

, which you can obviously find in our reader above. The first is a medley offering a rorchestration of the title screen and the beginning of the adventure, which has the good idea of ​​leaving little space for all the bodies of the orchestra, including the bass player sonoris. The second lets the winds and the brass set the tone, before taking the whole orchestra in a nice jazzy flight.

Whether you are sensitive to the charms of Catherine the temptress or to the less carnal pleasures of music, you will no doubt appreciate their just value these two extracts, which may make you want to contradict certain statistics, you will know …


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