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Two Infinity Ward and Respawn alumni found anti-crunch studio




Some would say that the period is not really conducive to adventures and that it is better to be careful in these times of crisis. Two industry veterans felt it was the right time to start a new project.

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Drew McCoy and Jon "Slothy" Shiring have been working together for over fourteen years. Together, the producer and the programmer worked on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, the two Titanfall and Apex Legends. Together, they decided to push this friendship novel further, to launch a new challenge by opening their own structure.

They are therefore the happy founders of Gravity Well, a studio founded at a very special time and which, although based in Los Angeles, will remain in the workplace for some time.. Focus on AAA productions for the PC and the next generation of consoles, Gravity well is in the recruitment phase (via his official website

, in particular), the search for the best talent, to reach a reasonable maximum of around 80 people.

And the guideline is clear for McCoy:

We are launching a studio to choose how we want to make games. We want to take our time for everything, collect ideas and feedback from the whole team. We built this studio to last for several decades, and this is not done if we do not put the team first.

Health is an absolute priority for us. That means we are anti-crunch. That means good pay. This means that each member of Gravity Well has their creative freedom, because when someone else makes all the decisions, the work is not fun, and the end product is not good.

Amen. All that remains is to see what this new studio has in store for us in the future.



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