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Two Respawn veterans found Gravity Well, their own triple A studio



Gravity Well is a new Los Angeles based video game development studio. Its founders, Drew McCoy and Jon Slothy Shiring, they are two experienced former employees of Respawn Entertainment: in their most recent resume we can find titles like Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends; McCoy has been a producer on these projects, while Shiring has worked as the main programmer.

After 10 years at RespawnThese developers have been encouraged to create their own triple A video game creation company. They seek to create a complete team of maximum 85 peopleBecause they believe that when a company exceeds 100 employees everything goes to hell. Gravity Well seeks to take advantage of new console opportunities next-gen, as well as the power of the next generation computer components, to carry out innovative projects.

An "anti-crunch" studio that wants diversity and creative freedom

"We are creating a studio from scratch because of the way we want to make games. We want time to iterate on everything, get ideas and feedback from the whole team. We are building this study to last for decades and that doesn't happen if you don't put the team first, "McCoy says in a letter published to announce the study's opening.

In the text, both McCoy and Shiring emphasize that they will put workers at the center, being the priority for the organization of Gravity Well. So much so that are defined as an "anti-crunch" study and they ensure that all workers will have creative freedom within development processes, because "when another person makes all the decisions working is not fun and the final product is not good".

Currently, due to the coronavirus crisis that plagues the planet, Gravity Well is hiring people who work remotely– Looking for profiles that fit animation, art, audio, engineering, game design, and QA departments. Although remote work is currently an imposition, the founders of the study assure that his idea is to be able to maintain that form of production to increase diversity and not to do without talents for living in another geographical area.

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