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Ubisoft Announces Anno History Collection for PC




Followers of the PC strategy genre will surely know Anno History, a series of 4 games with a long journey that based their adventures in the years 1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404, respectively, and according to their release. Starting June 25, these acclaimed titles will be released through Uplay. updated to work on the most modern computers, along with all its expansions.

You can get hold of the Anno History Collection and enjoy the entire collection. However, if you prefer one in particular, you can get them separately. The updates and enhancements these installments have received will allow you to relive the deployment of strategies up to 4K, with improved multiplayer functions, resurrect your old games, full window mode and multiscreen. In addition, Anno History Collection contains soundtracks, wallpapers, company logos and an ornament for Anno 1800. The package with the entire collection is exclusively at Uplay, at a price of € 39.99

available to carry out the preservation from this very moment. But if you prefer separate games, you can get them for € 9.00 each, except 1404 History Edition, which It will cost € 14.99.


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