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Ubisoft announces new digital event to be held in June this year




Emily Gera
Monday, May 11, 2020 17:42 GMT

Ubisoft announced that it will hold a new digital event next month.

The game company today announced a new online event, Ubisoft Forward, which will begin at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Ubisoft Advance

Save the date! Join us and participate in Ubisoft Forward on July 12th, this is a fully digital display stand that provides exclusive game news, shows and more ūüéČ stay tuned … #UbiForward

Ubisoft released on Monday, May 11, 2020

So far, what constitutes Ubisoft Forward will remain inseparable-from Ubisoft's official Twitter account committed to"Full digital display, including exclusive game news, reveal content and more", But did not elaborate on which game franchises may appear. It is safe to say that the pure digital conference will be a heavy event and it will serve as the function of Ubisoft to replace this year's E3 conference.

Ubisoft now joins companies like Microsoft and Nintendo, and the main players are adapting to the new era of contactless gaming conferences. Last month, Microsoft confirmed that with the cancellation of E3, Xbox will host its own digital event this year. Nintendo also announced in March that it will no longer participate in industry events in the foreseeable future, but choose "other ways" to let gamers understand its projects. Devolver Digital has also confirmed the plan Host your own live Devolver Direct press conference.

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