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Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google for clone




On the left you can see Rainbow Six: Siege. On the right is the Area F2 mobile game. On the left you can see Rainbow Six: Siege. On the right is the Area F2 mobile game.

In the mobile gaming market in particular, there are many imitations of well-known games. In most cases, however, they never attract much attention. Area F2 is an exception by Ejoy. Ubisoft claims that this is just a copy of Rainbow Six: Siege.

For this reason, the shooter was reported to Apple and Google with the request that they be taken from their respective distribution platforms to remove. Since neither company complied with the request, the publisher is now suing them.

It's all stolen!

The developer and publisher explains that Area F2 has all aspects Stolen from Rainbow Six: Siege have. According to him, every aspect "from the operator selection to the point table and everything in between" is only copied.

The official trailers that the developer has uploaded to Youtube give an impression of Area F2. In one of these, for example, he puts the Agents of the game in front. Here the parallels to Rainbow Six become clear. We have selected a few examples for you:

  • Hammer: Destroy walls with a ram like sledge.
  • Cobra: Can set poison traps like Lesion.
  • Lightning: Powers defenders' gadgets like Bandit.
  • Volcano: Destroy reinforced walls like Thermite.

Other aspects like that Drones for information gathering and marking opponents and barricaded windows and doors are very reminiscent of Rainbow Six: Siege.

The Bloomberg website has already asked Apple, Google and the developer of Area F2 an opinion. However, none of the parties involved currently wants to comment on the case.

High ratings for Area F2

The users themselves highlight the similarities to Rainbow Six: victories in the Google Play Store or Apple's AppStore and praise the title for just that. Thus, the game scores between four and five stars millions of downloads.

Rainbow Six: Siege, on the other hand, is currently one of the most important brands for Ubisoft. The studio recently announced that the shooter has more than 60 million registered player accounts. On May 18, it will also provide new information on coming season Y5S2 give.


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