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Urban Flow is coming to Nintendo Switch in late June 2020




Urban Flow is a puzzle video game developed by Baltoro Games where the player is in charge of controlling city traffic to make everything flow as it should, so you have to interact with traffic lights and vehicles to ensure that accidents do not occur. Previously the game had been announced on April 30, but the developers have not yet revealed a specific release date for the Nintendo Switch, today they have finally c onfirmed that this title will hit the platform on June 26, 2020


In the official launch trailer you can see the catastrophes that occur in the game when the player does not follow the instructions. Over time the levels become more and more complicated and it is more difficult to do that order is maintained in traffic. Then we leave the video for you to see the details of this delivery.

Urban Flow official trailer

At the moment, no more details of the title have been revealed, Urban Flow will arrive on Nintendo Switch on June 26 of this year and it can be get more information of him in the Baltoro Games official website


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