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Urban Trial Tricky reveals its 60 FPS video tricks on Switch




In the Urban Trial series, I ask for the latest, called Urban Trial Tricky, which is therefore pushing its wheels on Switch. xxxx

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Urban Trial Tricky So has just become official on Switch, for an upcoming release. If you know the series, you know that it will offer you everything you are looking for in the genre, know tips, the platform and obviously races.

The style chosen here is resolutely turned towards the cartoon, and puts you as you see on the handlebars of a trial motorbike, which seems more agile than your own fingers. As long as you know how to handle it.

The goal here is to create the most exciting movements and combos possible to be able to score points. On the program, 3 modes, more than 30 levels and a large amount of customization options all in 60 FPS.

We can even drive in both directions.

In short, a cute game that could fill fans of the genre with joy on Switch.


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