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Valorant confirms its official launch on June 2




Valorant will arrive definitively on June 2. Riot's game has been in beta for several weeks, where different users from all over the world have tried this tactical FPS proposal that has generated criticism of all kinds. It seems that after a successful testing phase the game is more than ready to be officially published, something that will happen in a few days.

The release date of Valorant has been confirmed by Riot herself

during one of the many events of the Summer Game Fest, where two of the game's developers have confirmed the departure of the beta phase and the launch as a final game on June 2. Of course, that is only the beginning and that there is a lot of content to come to the game throughout his life.

This official launch will be accompanied by several new features, such as a new map, new agent and new game mode, as Geoff Keighley has commented on Twitter.

Imagine a tactical shooter and supernatural powers. All characters have weapons and a unique set of skills, so you'll have to find a way to defeat agents who even fight at wind speed. Take advantage of your movements to rise with victory and hit the target. Valorant is a game for strategists who are not afraid to bet on the most unexpected plays: what matters is that it works.

Valorant will come to PC on June 2 completely free of charge.

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