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Valorant Game is Officially Available, here are all the news



Valorant Game is Officially Available, here are all the news

The new esports game of the year, VALORANT was officially released today at 2 p.m. The game can be downloaded and welcomes a new agent, a new map and a new game mode.

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Two months after its smashing beta release, VALORANT is officially released today. The new FPS from Riot Games is inspired by both the mechanics of Counter-Strike and the skills that can be used on Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, for example.

The litist shooter will have the vocation to become a large-scale esports game, without the publisher imposing a very thorough control of its scene for its first year. Throughout the beta, the team deployed hotfixes, updates and rebalances to improve the gaming experience. The pandemic does not seem to have slowed them down, since the closed beta ended only a few days ago before the game officially comes out.

The release of the game brings three major new features: the map Ascent, with a very western style, the Mexican agent Reyna who is the queen of aggression, and the game mode Spike rush.

The Ascent map has two bomb sites which are linked by lateral paths to the mid way. It is too early to see what types of strategies will naturally dominate on this map. Then, Reyna's skills are officially present. Here they are :

  • Passive : Eliminating an enemy brings up an orb that can grant Rebuffade or Devour.
  • Rebuff : consumes the life force of an enemy you to make you invisible and invulnable for a short duration. // Devour : Consumes the life force of an enemy you to restore your HP.
  • Eyelet : Sends a thr destructible orb which reduces the field of vision of all enemies who look at it.
  • Printer : takes you into a murderous trance that gives you Rapid Fire and makes enemies more visible. Successfully eliminating refreshes the duration of the effect.

Finally, the Spike Rush mode aims to be more fun and faster than the classic mode: a game will last ten minutes, with 7 winning rounds. In this game mode, the goal is the same; place a spike, or defuse it and defend sites. Except that this time, all attackers have a spike for shorter sleeves, and the weapon obtained is random. Finally, an important difference: the skills are free and the last ones load twice as fast. you spam!

With the record breaking of simultaneous viewers in a single game on Twitch, surpassing Fortnite and the world record for League of Legends, it is obvious that the launch of the closed beta of the game was a success. But VALORANT Will it attract crowds after its release? This will be seen over the next few months.

The game can be downloaded for free this address. He will appear in a cinematic trailer called Duelists which is expected soon!

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