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Valorant Points – Prices & Skins: Everything about the premium currency



Valorant Points – Prices & Skins: Everything about the premium currency

We have summarized all the information about the Valorant Points (VP) and which currencies can be used in the Riot Games shooter to acquire Skins.

Developer Riot Games uses a Free2Play model in Valorant and wants to keep the game profitable with micro transactions for cosmetic items. The store has already opened its doors for the beta version of Valorant and offers a selection of weapon skins on 

Valorant Points (VPs) offered.

We summarize how the store and its value at Valorant Points with real money, how you can buy them and what you get for them.

The prices for Valorant Points

To be able to buy skins in the store, you must first purchase Valorant Points. You can access the purchase process by clicking on the V symbol in the main menu on the top image bar. The VPs are available in packages of different sizes:

  • NA:
    • 475 VPs: $4.99
    • 1000 VPs: $9.99
    • 2050 VPs: $19.99
    • 3650 VPs: $34.99
    • 5350 VPs: $49.99
    • 11000 VPs: $99.99


    • 525 VPs: £4.99
    • 1100 VPs: £9.99
    • 2250 VPs: £19.99
    • 4000 VPs: £34.99
    • 5800 VPs: £49.99
    • 12000 VPs: £99.99


    • 500 VPs: €5.49
    • 1150 VPs: €11.99
    • 2150 VPs: €21.99
    • 4400 VPs: €43.99
    • 5500 VPs: €53.99
    • 10500 VPs: €99.99

The shop offers various payment methods:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Paypal
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Paysafe Card

The Valorant shop offers various packages of VPs for sale.

There is a in the VP packages bonus factored in, the higher the larger the transaction is. Riot Games also noted that purchases made by Valorant during the beta for full release will be refunded to your VP account with a 20 percent bonus.

It depends on that complete progression wipe together to ensure the same conditions for all players. So you have to earn Valorant agents unlocked by gameplay again as soon as the full release takes place in summer 2020.

The skins in Valorant

A selection of different weapon skins is available in the shop for beta. This offer changes regularly. At the time of publication of this review article, there is the following large total package for the price of 3500 VPs (around 35 dollars):

In the Valorant shop, offers are limited in time and rotate regularly.

This pack contains six skins for the following weapons, which are also available individually. If you buy the whole set, you get it Knife skin for free. The individual prices for the items are:

  • Vandal – luxury: 875 VPs
  • Specter – luxury: 875 VPs
  • Operator – luxury: 875 VPs
  • Judge – luxury: 875 VPs
  • Ghost – luxury: 875 VPs
  • Melee – luxury: 1,750 VPs

The weapon skins are available individually and as a package.

In addition to the package offer, there is also a regularly changing selection of individual items from the various collections. Everything that was previously offered in the shop is purely cosmetic items with no impact on game balance.

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