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Volibear redesign unveils with dedicated ARAM event




To celebrate the graphic and skills redesign of Volibear which will be available on May 28, an event around the character will be organized at the end of May on League of Legends.

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On May 28, players will be able to say goodbye to the diamond claws and the fluorescent eyes of the threatening bear of the Rift: place a brand new version of the character, the appearance reworked but also with modified skills.

In the same way as Fiddlesticks, the latter will become more frightening, but also closer to the bear for fewer human traits.

His skins have been reworked as a result and are shown in the announcement video. Here is what we could see from his new skills :

  • Passive : the enemies are electrified and are all affected by its basic attacks
  • AT : Short door stun
  • Z : Mark the enemy, inflicting additional damage
  • E : Inflicts area damage
  • R : Projects on the enemy and interrupts enemies in the area (including turrets)

In a meta encouraging ganks in the jungle, especially at the start of the game, Volibear seems to take its place very quickly with an ultimate that interrupts the turret blows, thus favoring the offensive dives on the lane.

Volibear will bring the storm on the mode map ARAM, who would have a temporary event related to the character. It will disturb the players by appearing in the middle of the map and tapping the ground. Players who enter ARAM during the event, which will last only a few days, will get a special emote.


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