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Walkabout Games Affirms Its Goal Is To Get Comic Book Readers’ Attention With Liberated




Liberated is an action-adventure video game developed by Atomic Wolf and distributed by Walkabout Games where players enter an interactive world drawn by hand in the style of a comic, which gives the impression that the user who is playing feels that is meddling in a graphic adventure. The game mechanics usually changes dynamics depending on the story, it is sometimes interactive, or simply happens to be platforms where you have to do different actions.

The gameplay of this title is very interesting because is inspired by comics, and apparently that is one of the main striking things that developers have to get the attention of comic readers. In fact, recently, in a interview with Nintendosoup

Walkabout Games have commented that they hope this will happen thanks to the modalities they offer in the game, such as the player mode and the reader mode, both with the intention of making players enter a different perspective. Then we leave you the official game trailer
so you can see why developers aim to get many comic lovers to get into this adventure.

Liberated trailer

As can be seen in the Liberated trailer, players will enter a cyberpunk world where democracy creates conflict by moving to authoritarianism, so the protagonist will have to face different challenges throughout the story. Liberated will come to Nintendo Switch on June 2, 2020 and to PC, Xbox One and PS4 during 2020.

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