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Warner Bros. Montreal asks for patience, is Batman news coming?




What is Warner Bros. Montreal working on? The Canadian studio responsible for Batman: Arkham Origins, also linked to Batman: Arkham Knight, has been silent for some time, wrapped in rumors of a return of Batman in style. They continue without giving news, but they have sent a very clear message. They ask the fans for patience and invite them to be very attentive, because the reveal of his new video game is on the way.

It has been through a message on Twitter, and through his official account on the social network. "Thank you very much for the enthusiasm with our next project", they affirm in the tweet they released yesterday, May 13, "Right now, our channel is going to show the studio: who we are and why we love making games!". His focus right now is limited to showing the faces and insides of the place where what is probably a new game of the night knight is brewing. Of course, they do not close without ask the players to be vigilant, because there are news on the way.

Months, if not years, without making any official announcements and working in complete silence. Despite countless rumors, the only tangible clues to the new they're doing were other tweets from the past with symbols pointing to a new Batman video game. Which is, in fact, what they are expected to announce sooner rather than later and what could have been revealed at that E3 2020 conference that Warner Bros. was going to host.

One of the possible announcements that would be part of the Summer Game Fest that is taking place these days and will last until August. Will we also see Geoff accompanying the team in the revelation of the new Warner Bros. Games Montreal Batman or will decide to play Warner on his own


The Court of Owls, the core of the new Batman?

Although there is no official information, different rumors point to being real leaks of what was taking place within WB Montreal and, surely, also with the hand of Rocksteady involved. Apparently, in this new title we could handle the entire Batfamily, consisting of Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batwoman, Batgirl and several other characters. A proposal that would point to the possibility of playing this new story in cooperative with other users through the internet or, possibly, on the same console.

Inspired by the dark saga of comics from The Court of Owls, the new Batman game already aims to be an intergenerational launch. If it comes out this year or in 2021, it is more than likely that it will not only reach PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it will also do the same with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


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