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What about Titanfall? Respawn ignores the spin-off planned for 2019




Titanfall fans will stay dry for a little longer. Titanfall fans will stay dry for a little longer.

After Apex Legends celebrated great success, many fans hope for one Return from Titanfall – The shooter series on which the popular Battle Royale game is based. Respawn Entertainment is now commenting on Titanfall 3 in an interview with IGN, but the answer will disappoint many.

Titanfall 3 is not being developed

Vince Zampella – one of the founders of Respawn Entertainment – makes a clear announcement regarding a successor: "Nothing is currently under development." However, if you are interested in the lore, it will found in Apex Legends


In addition to some story trailers for Apex Legends, you can even play a PvE mode since Season 5. Alone or together with up to two other players, you can compete with NPC opponents here. A separate, History consisting of nine chapters each, tells. Every season you should learn more from the Titanfall universe.

What happened to the 2019 game?

The rejection of a Titanfall 3 itself is not surprising. As early as 2019, the developer explained that Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have priority.

Only one thing is strange: Just a few days after this cancellation, he officially announced on Twitter that a Titanfall spin-off was still to be published in 2019. As we now know, this never came out. And there is no mention in the new interview either. It is unknown what has become of it. It is quite possible that Respawn has stopped the project.

However, this should not be the complete end of the series. As Zampella states, he wants Titanfall like to revive one day. However, he is still unsure whether he will be able to implement a corresponding project.


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