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What does "props off" mean?



Youth language explanation

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Someone said to you, "The props are off", don't you know what that means? We will tell you what the expression means and how to use it.

We tell you what “props off” means and how you use the expression yourself.

We tell you what “props off” means and how you use the expression yourself. [Source: pressmaster /]

That means the props go out: you have my respect

The term "props out" comes from English and can be derived from "appropriate respect". "Due respect" in German translation means "due respect". The abbreviation of "appropriate respect" is "props". When someone says "props go out" to you, he means you get his respect.

This expression has a long history in the American rap community, and was used as an abbreviation for "due respect" in many songs in the 1980s. This expression is mainly shaped by the development of the mafia scene, in which the value of respect is the most important, which is also explained by many rappers as the theme.

So you go there with props

If you want to use abbreviations yourself, you should always pay attention to the environment. Because "props out" can be assigned to youth language, it is not suitable for formal dialogue. However, you can simply use it in Bruhs' conversation on WhatsApp.

Use "props to go out" to show respect for others. When you want to thank someone and say, "I respect the way you help me, I often use it on Thanksgiving." Contrary to mature women, "props go out" can be classified as an active youth Language.

Examples of using props are rare

  • Human A: "Lol, yes, I write these shortcuts here."
  • Person B: "Get up! Props out!
  • Human A: "If we come to Hamburg, do you have kebabs on your neck?"
  • Person B: "Of course, my props are for you, you got everything!"

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Have you seen other abbreviations on the Internet, or received terms on WhatsApp that you do not understand? Write it in our review and we will help you find the meaning. And tell us that you may not know your favorite shortcut in the chat that everyone may know.

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