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What happens when 1 Pokémon is long in 1 Pokéball?




We don't know exactly what happens inside a Pokéball, except that it is a very comfortable and comfortable place for Pokémon, instruments that we would like to see with designs as realistic as these if they existed in our world. But not everything would be rosy inside a Pokéball, because something could really happen horrifying if a Pokémon passed too much time inside of her.

According a Pokémon theory, the Pokémon data stored in this Pokéball would be corrupted

and they would end up making this become a glitch, or what is the same, a system error known as MissingNo. As a consequence, this “creature” that appeared in some games of the saga and with which a youtuber completed Pokémon Blue, would become the end of the forgotten Pokémon.

Missign in Pokémon

There is no doubt that this is a fateful ending for Pokémon that they spend too much time inside a Pokéball and, we understand, that this process is completely irreversible

. So, once a creature becomes a Missingno, never returns to its former form. If you doubt, this is a pretty interesting theory and one that might make quite a lot of sense but, what do you think?

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