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What if Trafalgar Law were a woman? This cosplay shows her feminine side




The Wano arc has brought together some of the pirates of the worst generation like Kid, Trafalgar Law or Scratchmen Apoo, who has revealed his true power against Luffy. Both Heart and Kid's pirates have teamed up with the Straw Hat to face Kaido in the battle of Onigashima that is about to break out. Trafalgar Law waits patiently and hopes to surprise Kaido and the others during the banquet. How would the One Piece story have changed if Trafalgar Law had been a woman

? A great cosplay shows its feminine side.

The Eiichiro Oda series has proven to have very powerful female characters, so it would not be so strange if Trafalgar Law had been conceived as a woman. The artist Sammyscosplay He has made this dream come true by turning the Surgeon of Death into his female version without losing a detail of his usual appearance. For this, he has customized the jeans with the marks that both identify with the character and can also be found on his cap. It also carries the Jolly Roger of his crew printed on the shirt, in addition to always carrying his sword on his shoulder.

Every time we know more about this character, as Eiichiro Oda revealed the hobbies of the worst One Piece generation, which includes Trafalgar Law. The truth is that Law's design is one of the most common, so this feminine version would fit equally well into its history.

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