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Anyone dealing with hackers in GTA Online is often as annoyed as Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Anyone dealing with hackers in GTA Online is often as annoyed as Trevor, Franklin and Michael.

Anyone who has ventured into the GTA Online servers in the past few days is likely to doubt one or the other Hackers, cheaters, or modders: gamers who enjoy taking away the joy of Grand Theft Auto 5's multiplayer mode.

Singleplayer campaign also affected: If you don't want to deal with this chaos and have switched to single player mode as a result, you could have been the victim of an unpleasant surprise: When we switched from GTA Online to single player at the weekend, we still had the aftermath of the increased number Fight hackers in recent weeks.

So GTA Online has always had a problem with cheaters – the rock star gets better or worse under control – however, due to the penultimate free offer of the Epic Games Store, modders have recently made a real comeback: Due to countless newly created Epic accounts, they were able to bypass the character bans through Rockstar without great difficulty.

GTA Online: Epic's free campaign is making a big cheater comeback


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GTA Online: Epic's free campaign is making a big cheater comeback

From annoying to strange: what bugs you have to expect

Hackers are up to mischief in many different ways in GTA Online. So we ourselves witnessed some of the following examples – while players were on Reddit, Youtube or in the GTA forums also report on how they were harassed by cheaters and their mods:

  • Money theft: In GTA Online you always run the risk of being attacked by other players – at least if you walk around in cash with cash and do not transfer it to your in-game account. However, hackers do not stop there and are able to empty your account, among other things. If you have invested real money in GTA Online through the commercially available Shark Cards, this can be particularly annoying.
  • Server or game crash: By spawning many, mostly quite large objects, hackers try to bring the GTA Online servers or your game to its knees. Spawning aircraft or UFOs has, acc ording to our own gaming experience, also caused a lot of graphic flickering until we had to switch to another server or quit the game.
  • God Mode: Hackers from GTA Online hunt for other players in invulnerability mode. Regardless of whether on foot or behind the wheel of a helicopter, tank or flying motorcycle, normal-life players often have no chance of competing against the God-Mode-Cheater.
  • Provoke a spell with monetary gifts: As in real life, you should be cautious when giving money from someone else. Rockstar is quite radical against players who suddenly receive large amounts of money – without investing game time or real money. Some hackers deliberately provoke a ban on other players by simply “gifting” them with a conspicuously large amount of money.
  • Transformation into (immobile) objects: You run / drive and suddenly transform into a giant ball or stone? Then you did not consume one of the Peyote plants from GTA Online (without realizing it), but became a victim of a hacker's modding tool.
  • Cloning your own character: Some hackers create clones of your own character, which then hunt you down and kill you.
  • Pin down other players: Whether using visible cages or invisible barriers – hackers can pin you down in the GTA Online game world so that you can no longer move or flee.

Of course, these are not all methods that hackers use to make life difficult for other GTA Online players – but at least some of the most common or prominent ones.

And we are not the only ones through hackers are affected by problems in the single player of GTA 5: On Reddit, for example, the user shared Furfty a screenshot from his single player game a week ago. And he definitely wasn't the victim of a sudden alien invasion, but rather a hacker who spawned one UFO after another using a mod menu.

What is happening to my game? This is story mode from r / GTAV

What helps against hackers in GTA 5 / Online

What do I do if a hacker hijacks my server? Or do I join a server where cheaters are already up to mischief? We have compiled a number of variants for this, which are either based on our own gaming experience or based on recommendations from players Youtube, Reddit or that GTAForums based:

What you can do against hackers in GTA Online:

  • Activate passive mode: The passive mode of GTA Online primarily protects you from other players, but also makes it harder for hackers to get on your nerves. With the passive mode you are not 100% immune to cheaters – a little protection is still better than none at all.
  • Change the server: As soon as you find that your server is being hit by hackers, we recommend that you change it in any case and look for a new lobby.
  • Restart the game: If you are still struggling with the limitations of a certain hack after changing the server or in the single player mode of GTA 5, restarting the game usually corrects the problem.
  • Create a private lobby: If the (repeated) server change is too exhausting or cumbersome for you, you can also create a private lobby yourself, which other players can only join by invitation. To do this, switch to single-player mode and create an “Invite Only Session” in the menu under the “Online” sub-item.
  • Reports hackers and cheaters: It may seem like a single drop in the bucket, but by reporting hackers and cheaters, you can help make GTA Online a little more player-friendly. Players who you suspect of hacking can report them under the player list of the online menu. Of course, you should not abuse this feature.

There are also alternative methods to combat hackers: Rockstar fans are a creative team that also comes up with their own ideas to tackle cheaters and modders. The Reddit user shankyardkurdboy used the wickedly expensive weapon Up-N-Atomizer to make life difficult for a hacker with God Mode.

How to deal with a god mode hacker from r / gtaonline

Practical_Accident once again grabbed an indestructible tank full of cheaters with the help of a cargo bob and simply carried it into the sea.

These guys were in an invincible tank killing all the people in the session and were gloating about it, I got a cargobob and managed to drop them in the ocean from r / gtaonline

However, you should be careful with comparable promotions, not making yourself the target of hackers. There is always a risk that they will empty your ingame account or provoke a spell by Rockstar Games.

If you have had similar experiences in GTA Online or GTA 5 and came up with alternative solutions to the problem, please let us know in the comments! Not only we, but every GTA Online player will thank you for discovering new methods of how to best deal with hackers in the game.


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