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WhatsApp alternative 2020: the best messenger for Android and iPhone in comparison




More secure, more features

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WhatsApp is still the most popular Messenger, but there are also great options. They are sometimes more secure, offer more features, and help you communicate when there is a problem with WhatsApp and it is not working. We will show you the best WhatsApp alternatives at a glance.

We show you 15 WhatsApp alternatives you should definitely try.

We show you 15 WhatsApp alternatives you should definitely try. (Source: Netzwelt)

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  1. Compare the 4 best and safest Messengers

  2. telegram

  3. Three horses

  4. Signal

  5. Wire

  6. Comparison method

  7. in conclusion

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular Messenger. The app is installed on almost every smartphone, which is why the alternative can only claim itself to a limited extent. Because they have one thing in common: the number of users is significantly narrower. But there are good reasons to use an alternative Messenger. For example, not everyone wants to forward their data to Facebook. In addition, other applications offer more features, and sometimes even more secure. Self-destructing message, Dark Mode-WhatsApp users celebrate the old hats in other apps.

Messenger app: 15 WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS "class =" lazy "class =" lazy "class =" lazy Watch now

Finding a WhatsApp alternative is more important than ever. More information was conveyed during the corona crisis. Most people stay at home and use Messenger more to stay in touch with relatives or friends. Even people working in home offices can use Messenger to coordinate or assign tasks with colleagues.

But what if the service is simply overloaded or malfunctioning? We recommend that you immediately agree with your friends and acquaintances on alternatives, even if WhatsApp is not working properly. Ideally, you can install one or two standby Messengers so that you can always communicate with each other. We show you the best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS, and detail four particularly secure and popular Messengers.

Compare the 4 best and safest Messengers

The most popular WhatsApp alternatives include Telegram, Signal and Threema. But are these alternatives really better? Can you do better than the IM giant? We will investigate these and other issues below. We will show you in detail the four most popular and particularly secure WhatsApp alternatives.

WhatsApp Alternative: Telegram

Telegram is one of the best-known alternatives to WhatsApp. The messenger came from the Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. They developed this service in response to Russia's tighter control over Internet activity. Telegram offers roughly the same functionality as WhatsApp, but takes another step forward. So you can easily use the service on multiple devices at the same time, the application is available for all common operating systems and even as a browser extension.

Courier provides two types of communication. The former is a cloud-based service. Your message is obscured by server-client encryption. This means that they are encrypted as they are sent from the sender to the server and then from the server to the receiver. However, on the server, the operator can access your chat and view it. However, the advantage of this method of communication is that you can always view the complete chat history from any platform, including pictures, videos or voice messages. This is also practical when you buy a new smartphone or tablet.

Telegram is a good and secure alternative to WhatsApp.

Telegram is a good and safe alternative to WhatsApp. (Source: Mactrunk /

Therefore, Telegram provides a private chat (secret chat) as an alternative. These chats are end-to-end encrypted and stored only on the local device. Even the operator himself cannot access the conversation process. Another privacy feature is the self-destruct mode of messages and media content.

You can specify here to automatically delete your messages after a certain period of time. In addition, the content cannot be copied or forwarded. In regular and private chats, delete functionality should also be mentioned. Compared to WhatsApp, you can then delete your messages, pictures, and company from each other's chat history. There is no time limit, so you can also delete messages from the previous month. Also, there is no message showing the recipient has deleted the message-it just disappeared.

in conclusion

The telegram offers many convenient features, especially scoring through the extended delete feature and self-destruct mode. In addition, the program code is open source, so everyone can view it. However, the company is quite opaque. Without a strong headquarters, Telegram is decentralized. This protects companies from government searches, but is also difficult to inspect. In addition, Telegram uses its own unpublished encryption instead of open standards. So if you have concerns about data protection and can do it without additional features, you should take another option.

Extended delete functionEnd-to-end encryption only in secret chat
Self-destruct modeLack of transparency
Open source
Use on multiple devices simultaneously


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