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WhatsApp: How to start a group video chat and group call




iPhone and Android

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WhatsApp Messenger: Confidential features at a glance.

With WhatsApp, you can make audio and video calls over the Internet. Messenger can talk to up to four participants on Android and iPhone. We will explain how you can use WhatsApp to initiate corresponding voice and video conferences.

Making regular phone calls through WhatsApp over the Internet is almost a part of everyday life. After all, no wonder it can save a lot of costs, especially when abroad. If needed, you can add two participants to these discussions. We will show you how to set up such a phone or video conference.

If you are looking for a workplace communication tool that can support more participants, we will provide a separate article for this in addition to WhatsApp. You can also find many other instructions on WhatsApp on netzwelt.

Start a WhatsApp conversation with a contact

  1. The easiest way to start a group call on WhatsApp is to start a normal call with one person first. In the second step, you can add other participants to this call.

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    You can initiate a call on WhatsApp by opening a chat with a contact and clicking the corresponding call icon in the upper right corner. For voice calls, click the phone icon, for video calls, click the camera icon. If the caller answered your call, you have started a regular conversation.

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