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WhatsApp: new features appear-search finally gets better



WhatsApp: new features appear-search finally gets better

Still under development

The popular Messenger WhatsApp will get better soon. In the current Beta version of Android phones, the advanced search function of Messenger is being tested, which is very practical. We will explain the meaning of the new features.

WhatsApp is currently testing a useful new search function that will eventually make it easier for you to find attachments.
WhatsApp is currently testing a useful new search function that will eventually make it easier for you to find attachments. (Source: diego_cervo/

The popular Messenger WhatsApp is constantly evolving to make all users happy. Provide updates regularly through updates to make the application better. Before launching the beta version to all users, beta testers will play the role of guinea pigs and adjust new features according to their own progress. The current Android version of WhatsApp beta is currently using advanced search functions. However, it is currently not open to Beta testers, but it is still in the early testing stage.

As we reported in April, the search function has been in development for several months. The extended search function will eventually make finding files easier. In the future, it will be possible to search specifically for photos, videos, links or documents. This is long overdue, because searching for certain data (especially groups of data) can become cool due to the huge amount of files sent and received.

When will the new features be released

It's difficult to say when the new feature will be released to beta testers and eventually rolled out to all users. Some features can be converted into the final version in a short period of time, while other features can take months to develop in-house and then obsolete. For example, many users have been waiting for the WhatsApp application for iPad for a long time. This was discovered in April 2019, but it is clearly still under development a year later.

You must know these secret WhatsApp features

However, the search function is not the only practical innovation. Did you know that you can reply to Messenger faster now? Or can I easily change the font in the chat? However, in addition to actual innovation, negative headlines always cause a sensation. As we all know, the Federal Criminal Police Service found a way to read WhatsApp messages secretly. In addition, Messenger’s hoaxes are currently frightening and are particularly targeted at children.

Do you want to personally test the latest features of WhatsApp before everyone else (even integrate it into the final version)? We explained how to install WhatsApp Beta on your smartphone in another guide.

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